Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D

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In a village on the edge of the Frontier, D is among the warriors and mercenaries hired to defend the village from the Black Death, a notorious bandit gang. But the bandits dona€™t arrive, and the village mayor dismisses the mercenaries. As D leaves the scene, hea€™s struck by a€œsunlight syndromea€a€”the deadly ailment unique to dhampirs! * The twentieth volume of the series. * Features gorgeous black-and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. * Presented in English for the first time!About ten minutes later, Rusta#39;s vehicle sped off, leaving just as the warrior woman was beginning a more thorough investigation of the area around the corpse. ... The heavy tires kicked up dirt, almost coming to a stopa€”and then they sped up.

Title:Vampire Hunter D
Author:Hideyuki Kikuchi
Publisher:Dark Horse Comics - 2014-09-10


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