Vacheron Vol 2

Vacheron Vol 2

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LOOK INSIDE AT KINDLE a FONT SIZE 14 / Preface : The Union is currently charged with the care confinement and transportation of vast gold reserves for The European Union a covert military unit formed to deal with disastrous situations on a regional scale operating in a civilian world. Whilst carrying on with the current project and it's security encounter other undercover operations which may be supernatural and enlist the assistance of a known associate who has specialist skills pertaining to the paranormal.Who would rather remain well and truly under the radar. T.X. Orange gets on the payroll but little else as he tries to deflect the instructions of The Union and discover what's actually going on in his world.Now fully motivated by the security concerns of the gold vaults in Berlin Germany, which seem to be sparking to life history no one wants repeated.Echoing through the medium of technology an aberration of slumbering giants.Is this a malfunction of equipment or a malignant apparition or simply both (c) Author T.J.Orange.Editor Paul S Wiley./ CHAPTER 1 VOLATILE NUANCES.PAGE 1./It's 2025 and Europe's economy is still looking pretty good but has been beset by various problems over the last five to six years and part of the system has collapsed. This has lead to the discovery that pledges and promises of stocks and bonds made by national banks in exchange for cash generated by Quantitative Easing Q.E. Had been exaggerated or simply not accounted for at all by some countries still operating through the European Central Bank E.C.B. Who now require the defaulter nations to supply gold in it's physical form as collateral for cash at a one to two ratio over ten years. Which will ensure repayment over that time span as gold historically doubles in price every ten years. Simply put the nation involved buy's a 1000 Euros of gold deposits' it in the E.C.B.'s strong room which is actually in Berlin and in return receives 2000 euro's generated by Q.E.The rush to buy gold does push up the price of gold but the whole system is effective as the countries involved have to sell all type and manner of assets held to raise the cash needed to buy gold , this releases a massive amount of stock bond's and shares into the market place for sale .Which means buyers of these asset's would be sensible if they sold their gold deposits to raise cash for the bargains on offer , so as not to inflate the gold price more by hoarding, which would see a reduced take up in gold for Euro's over ten year's by those in the E.C.B.'s scheme .Whilst many are happy to simply exchange asset's for gold after agreeing the price of both.This gives the gold for Euro's nation ten years to make up the difference if any, in the end term figures . All this Q.E. cash liquefies the market place and stimulates every corner of Europe and the global markets too who attempt to exceed the profit in the ten year gold price obviously. The E.C.B. is left with a mountain of gold at a very good price as a result, and currently has nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars worth of mostly twelve and a half kilo bars of gold in it's vaults. Any excess made on the gold is returned to the original debtor nation whilst low interest rates profit the E.C.B. gold is a better return./CONTENTS :CHAPTER 1 VOLATILE NUANCESCHAPTER 2 GOLDEN HERRINGSCHAPTER 3 SILVER BEARSCHAPTER 4 CAPTAIN VACHERONCHAPTER 5 HEART MURMURCHAPTER 6 GOLDEN HASH TAGCHAPTER 7 PLUTONIUM PILOTSCHAPTER 8 CORN FIELD YELLOWCHAPTER 9 THE ORIENT ON THE EXPRESSCHAPTER 10 FORTY-NINERSCHAPTER 11 PAPER PLANECHAPTER 12 MANDAMUSCHAPTER 13 OCEAN NAVIGATION CHAPTER 14 READING THE UNIVERSE. approx 60000 WORDS /Vol 1 TIME.Vol 2 ECHO IN SOLAR SYSTEM.Vol 3 MASTER ECLIPSE./You don't have to buy all three volumes to know what's going on and with whom, each are self explanatory and not repetitious to this effect.LOOK INSIDE AT KINDLE aamp; THE BOOK FONT SIZE IS 14 / VACHERON TRILOGY AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK OR KINDLE VERSION SAVE UP TO 50% Preface: The Union is currently charged with the care confinement and transportation of vast gold reserves for The ...

Title:Vacheron Vol 2
Author:T. Orange
Publisher: - 2015-04-14


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