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This brief history connects the past and present of utopian thought, from the first utopias in ancient Greece, right up to present day visions of cyberspace communities and paradise. Explores the purpose of utopias, what they reveal about the societies who conceive them, and how utopias have changed over the centuries Unique in including both non-Western and Western visions of utopia Explores the many forms utopias have taken a€“ prophecies and oratory, writings, political movements, world's fairs, physical communities a€“ and also discusses high-tech and cyberspace visions for the first time The first book to analyze the implicitly utopian dimensions of reform crusades like Technocracy of the 1930s and Modernization Theory of the 1950s, and the laptop classroom initiatives of recent years... learned.69 In 2010 Amazon announced that sales of its Kindle had by then outpaced its total sales of hardcover books, this after selling hardcover books for fifteen years and the Kindle for only thirty-three months.70 A French reading deviceanbsp;...

Author:Howard P. Segal
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-03-02


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