Using Autodesk Inventor 6

Using Autodesk Inventor 6

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Using Autodesk Inventora€žI¼ 6 to design and construct 3D models has never been easier! This all-inclusive, how-to manual demystifies computer-modeling concepts, and features scores of examples that relate directly to real-world product design. Modeling methods are outlined in sections, making it easy to gain new skills by working through the book from start to finish. Experienced users may choose to flip directly to topics of interest including: modeling sheet metal components, concurrent use of part modeling and assembly modeling, and more! Presentation instructions are also included, allowing users to visualize how a product or system works.TUTORIAL 3.5 In this tutorial, you will construct 2D fillets. 1 . Select Fillet on the 2D Sketch Panel Bar or toolbar. 2. In the 2D Fillet dialog box, set the fillet radius to 10 mm. 3. Select edges A and B and then C and D in Figure 3.67. Two fillets areanbsp;...

Title:Using Autodesk Inventor 6
Author:Ron Cheng
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2003


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