Ushering with a Mission

Ushering with a Mission

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As we enter our church, the first person we often see is the usher. While many may look at the position of usher as simply a social one, it can be so much more. In Ushering with a Mission, author Victor L. Davis presents the first comprehensive guide specifically addressed to the needs of the usher. The traditional approach to ushering focused on the task of meeting, seating, and greeting worshippers. The typical training manual addressed techniques ushers should use in carrying out those duties. Davis's Ushering with a Mission goes a step further and emphasizes the importance of disciplining the individual usher. Ushering is viewed as a ministry rather than a committee or board activity. The ministry of ushering is approached from a Christ-centered, biblical perspective. Ushering is not something we simply do because, qIt's our Sunday to usher.q We do it because it is a lifestyle, resulting from the overflow of the Spirit-filled life. Ushering with a Mission stresses the importance of Bible study, prayer, and personal evangelism with nonbelievers. Ushers will find fellowship with other believers in the Body of Christ as they explore ways to fulfill the great commission and commandment of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Title:Ushering with a Mission
Author:Victor L. Davis
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-10-16


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