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Usability has become increasingly important as an essential part of the design and development of software and systems for all sectors of society, business, industry, government and education, as well as a topic of research. Today, we can safely say that, in many parts of the world, information technology and communications is or is becoming a central force in revolutionising the way that we all live and how our societies function. IFIP's mission states clearly that it qencourages and assists in the development, exploitation and application of information technology for the benefit of all peopleq. The question that must be considered now is how much attention has been given to the usability of the IT-based systems that we use in our work and daily lives. There is much evidence to indicate that the real interests and needs of people have not yet been embraced in a substantial way by IT decision makers and when developing and implementing the IT systems that shape our lives, both as private individuals and at work. But some headway has been made. Three years ago, the IFIP Technical Committee on Human Computer Interaction (IFIP TC13) gave the subject of usability its top priority for future work in advancing HCI within the international community. This Usability Stream of the IFIP World Computer Congress is a result of this initiative. It provides a showcase on usability involving some practical business solutions and experiences, and some research findings.Gaining a Competitive Edge Judy Hammond, Tom Gross, Janet Wesson ... Having tried every trick he knows, and having read all 189 pages of mostly uninterpretable instructions in the user manual, the printer still refuses to cooperate. Michaelanbsp;...

Author:Judy Hammond, Tom Gross, Janet Wesson
Publisher:Springer - 2013-04-18


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