Unwinnable Weekly Issue 19

Unwinnable Weekly Issue 19

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Since 2010, Unwinnable has been a showcase for weird, experimental, poignant, funny and iconoclastic stories. We're devoted to examining the intersection of the culture we love and the lives we lead. Unwinnable wants to bring you the best in pop-culture criticism, creative non-fiction, and the occasional serialized fiction once a week in a beautiful digital magazine. Unwinnable is life with culture. This week, Matt Marrone mourns the loss of Epcota€™s Maelstrom ride. Adam Boffa plays through 2003a€™s classic BioWare release, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Stu Horvath keeps his eye firmly on horror while playing Neverending Nightmares and wondering why videogames are so bad at horror. And, finally, Gus Mastrapa reveals the latest chapter in the adventures of Daisy the dungeon crawler. No matter what your taste, Unwinnable Weekly has you covered, so make sure to check out our selection of back issues today!y p 9. p sitting and playing one videogame, and that game was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the Xbox. ... Mass Effect and saw their pristine reputation both cemented (with Mass Effect 2) and tarnished (by Dragon Age II and Massanbsp;...

Title:Unwinnable Weekly Issue 19
Author:Stu Horvath, Owen Smith, Steve Haske
Publisher:Unwinnable, LLC - 101-01-01


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