Unrelenting Nightmare

Unrelenting Nightmare

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Stuart Garrison, a brilliant virtual reality software developer, has his company poised on the threshold of industry dominance with the release of his newest virtual reality systema€”Next World. Among his competitors is Preston McBraid, the cutthroat CEO of a rival company. McBraid realizes that if he does not own Next World, his company is bound to lose its premier position atop the computer industry. Driven by desperation and greed, McBraid hires the notorious Nomed, a highly sought-after assassin who commands millions to kill a target. The FBI learns of the assassination plot and intervenes to protect Stuart. He in turn quickly augments the FBI team, hiring two security specialists as additional defense: a monster of a man, nicknamed Supermana€”and Alex Nichols, an expert in the field of security. Stuart clings desperately to the hope that he can make it though the onslaught of Nomeda€™s assassination attempts. If he does, his next ingenious virtual reality producta€”Mind Gamesa€”will blow the world away with its originality and staggering mass appeal, and catapult Stuart to the top of the computer industry as its reigning czar, and make him a billionaire many times over. In this gripping suspense thriller, the wannabe czar of the computer industry is unwittingly catapulted into a deadly cat-and-mouse game against the infamous Nomed, and only time will tell who is clever enough to survive.To solicit Nomeda#39;s services, you had to make an offer on a particular vehicle, not the one listed in the ad. And to find out what ... It was for a white, three-year-old Dodge Ram 1500 truck, license 5A84724 with 47, 585 miles. He read on through anbsp;...

Title:Unrelenting Nightmare
Author:Stan Yocum
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-01-02


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