UNIX System Programming Using C++

UNIX System Programming Using C++

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Covering both the UNIX operating system and the C and C++ programming languages, this work is aimed at experienced C++ programmers. A wide range of advanced C++ techniques and UNIX system calls are explained, with the aim of helping programmers to write powerful, portable and efficient systems programs quickly and easily. The focus is on real-life applications and problem solving in a variety of settings, including networks, databases, compilers, OS and CAD. Information is provided on C library functions, UNIX commands, UNIX shells and distributed client/server programs on a local area network. The book also includes ANSI-C and POSIX standards, as well as the System V.4 and BSD extensions to the standards.This book focuses on real-life applications and problem solving in networking, database development, compilers, operating systems, and CAD. 33156-1 Write more powerful C++ programs more quickly.

Title:UNIX System Programming Using C++
Author:Terrence Chan
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1997


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