Universals of Human Language: Syntax

Universals of Human Language: Syntax

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The 46 papers in this 4-volume collection pro-vide clear and certain evidence that the search for qimplicational universalsq of human language (that is, for valid empirical generalizations such as qif property Y exists in a language, then property X must exist as wellq) has established itself, once and for all, as a powerful and dynamic force in modern linguistics. Concomitantly, the collection attests to a broadened use among scholars engaged in universals re-search of a theoretical and methodological strategy-pioneered, elaborated, and most extensively applied by Joseph Greenberg- that contrasts in fundamental respects with procedures favored by generative grammarians. Finally, and most impressive of all, the papers present abundant qresults, q a profusion of concrete findings that should persuade even the most hardened skeptics that implicational principles have a great deal to tell about what human language is and how it got to be that way. -- from http://www.jstor.org (May 21, 2014).

Title:Universals of Human Language: Syntax
Author:Joseph Harold Greenberg, Charles Albert Ferguson, Edith A. Moravcsik
Publisher:Stanford University Press - 1978


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