United States Army Aviators' Equipment, 1917-1945

United States Army Aviators' Equipment, 1917-1945

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Reviews of the first edition: qthis specialized book will be of most interest to the collector, the historical researcher and to those few 8AFers who must have everything written, which is remotely related to the 8th AF experience.q--The Eighth Air Force Historical Society qA definitive reference.q--New York Public Library New Technical Books qA thorough and fascinating work.q--Air Power History qIt takes more than a flight jacket to outfit an aviator. This book describes the development and characteristics of every item of personal equipment used by Army pilots from World War I through the end of World War II.q--Air Force Magazine Seven decades after World War II, we now know that the margin between Allied victory and defeat was often narrower than many realized. The decisive actions of leaders, generals and war heroes have been well documented, but less well known are the technological developments that made victory possible and laid the groundwork for postwar progress. Based on more than ten years of research, this book describes how American airmen became the best-outfitted aviators of the war, tracing the development of virtually every piece of personal equipment used by United States air forces. Drawing on original sources including formerly classified documents, the author details the myriad types of respirator equipment, parachutes, body armor, pressure suits and other flying and survival gear that were instrumental in making U.S. pilots and air crews effective. Personal anecdotes bring to life the design and testing of combat flight equipment. More than 160 photographs are included, most published here for the first time.Above 25, 000 feet, breathing outside air could quickly result in hypoxia, with disastrous results. ... At a conference held at the Equipment Laboratory on October 19, 1939, Captain Armstrong and other staff members discussed the ... This type of vent was incorporated in the design of the new oronasal mask adopted by the Air Corps as the Type A-8.50 The ... and oxygen flowed into the rebreather bag at a constant rate that was fixed manually at the oxygen regulator according to need.

Title:United States Army Aviators' Equipment, 1917-1945
Author:C.G. Sweeting
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-04-03


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