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Small town life in Pleasant Bay, North Carolina loses its charm for aspiring, young actress Mikie Davenport after a mysterious fever, murder, and cancer rob her of the family she loves. When she relocates to Knoxville to study theater at the University of Tennessee, Mikie discovers a new home and a new life in an old Victorian house shared by four other tenants, kindred spirits, each unique in their own special way with their own dreams and aspirations, trials and tribulations. Life is good again until a brutal hate crime challenges the very fabric of Mikie and her roommate's existence. In the shadow of this recent tragedy, they desperately fight for their lives and their happiness as they struggle to survive the aftermath of the vicious hate crime and realize their goals and dreams and aspirations.He saw the Honda Civic that hadna#39;t pulled up to the pumps but rather parked at the side of the building. A large ... The old one was all clogged up. Wasna#39;t getting any gas through the line. Easy fix.a€ He found the invoice and handed it to Ben.

Author:M.L. Knarr
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2013-03


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