Understanding Flash Photography

Understanding Flash Photography

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Flash is a necessary and immensely creative tool that dramatically increases the opportunities of any amateur photographer. However, many amateurs find flash intimidating, unsure of where to begin. Instead, they continue limiting themselves to shooting only available light. Understanding Flash Photography is a guide to off-camera flash, helping free photographers from a€œautoa€ to get the images they want when natural light isna€™t enough. If youa€™ve been afraid to venture past natural light, here is the book that will finally help you explore the exciting possibilities of artificial light. Author Bryan Peterson starts by breaking down how flash works, then dispels the widely held myth that automatic a€œTTLa€ flash exposure is easier, explaining how to quickly master manual flash exposure to control the quality, shape, and direction of light. For the hundreds of thousands who found Understanding Exposure an exciting tool in moving past a€œautoa€ exposure in available light, Understanding Flash Photography is the essential companion to mastering the often challenging exposure puzzle.Manual Mode and the here was a time, back in the late 19505 and early 19605. when flash photography was a completely manual ... A correct flash exposure was 100 percent dependent on the use of the right aperture for the corresponding anbsp;...

Title:Understanding Flash Photography
Author:Bryan Peterson
Publisher:Amphoto Books - 2011-08-30


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