Undead Reb Down Under and Other Vampire Stories

Undead Reb Down Under and Other Vampire Stories

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What would things be like if there really were the unliving among us? It is suggested that you observe the following: Be an undead Confederate soldier in a British colony at the far end of the world. Meet the menace of the undead in the company of the Invisible Compass, an offshoot of Freemasonry or as a member of the Pinkerton Detective agency out of Chicago. Join the Rising Sun Group of modern day samurai and ninja as they strive to wipe out the walking cadaver. Delight in brutally eliminating a Big Aunty Twice Removed contestant show winner. Look into a demon's heart, find out what a treasure beyond price might happen to be and discover why someone wants to kill the Jocks. Be sure you have a candle to light the way and, if you can't play the game of empire, there's always cold comfort to be had.There were three stooges. They were all dead. Two died in the explosion. Their bodies were too messed up ... The new car was an old Ford Falcon station wagon in original blue. It was a a#39;65 model with some grunt behind it and new tires thatanbsp;...

Title:Undead Reb Down Under and Other Vampire Stories
Author:Rod Marsden
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2008-11


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