Uncommon Valiance

Uncommon Valiance

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On any given day undercover operatives from our Intelligence Agencya€™s and Armed Forces perform various covert operations around the world for piece and prosperity of our great nation and faithful allies. Although seldom revealed these highly trained and dedicated operators are normal people with an uncommon since of pride and honor to their country to succeed at any cost. With failure not an option, their valor entrenches them among the elite few. This is a gripping saga of a uniquely talented young man fulfilling his destiny as a world class shooter. Only the government learns of his extraordinary abilities and forces him to perform highly classified covert operations with some of the nationa€™s finest special operators. Enveloped in a quagmire of dangerous and calculative clandestine missions on our homeland and abroad while balancing family and his new secrete life hea€™s forced to cope with what he does for his country. Experience the real-life tales and thrilling events as they unfold deep into the treacherous world of governmental espionage, national security and political warfare. Dona€™t miss the climatic conclusion with fierce gun battles, explosions, missile launches and the rapid race against time. Barely escaping the warlords, militia and mercenaries of Somalia as they attempt to rescue captures relief workers. Discover the importance of one of the captured relief workers and how devastating it would be to Americaa€™s Presidency if he fails to complete his most daring mission in time.Gunter suggested a€œThe deer must have tom the wiring loose behind the flimsy dashboard cover somehow!a€ Gator commented a€œOkay but first wea#39;ve got to stop the deer from kicking the shit out of our ride out of here!a€ a€œYeah that would be nice !

Title:Uncommon Valiance
Author:Thomas W. Wolfe
Publisher:Author House - 2013-01-04


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