Ulysses - A Tale of Transition - Parts One & Two

Ulysses - A Tale of Transition - Parts One & Two

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qMy brief is to render Marcus Barnes' life experience so unpleasant that he will never again want to return to life from Transition, is it not? He is to be faced with the choice of successive lifetimes of misery and torment, or enlistment into the Hoard. I am to make sure he doesn't even consider the former option.qqThat pretty much sums it up, yes.qqGood. My plan, as you will see, sir, is simple in design, but it promises to be very complex in execution: I am going to kill off those around Barnes, an ever-decreasing circle of friends and acquaintances that he will naturally want to protect. With each death he will become increasingly unsettled and paranoid, to the point, eventually, of losing his mind.qUlysses, A Tale of Transition covers a variety of topical and often controversial themes including the meaning of life, the afterlife, Heroes, Korean comfort women, the modern Japanese man, prostitution, murder, dreams and love, always with a hint of black humour to keep your spirits up!... sort of diagram or photograph, all relating to the girl whose gruesome portrait sat at the centre like a spider in her web; most ... The fact that the moment you two , a€ he pointed at Birch and Wilson, a€œpulled up outside his house Arthur Mann did a anbsp;...

Title:Ulysses - A Tale of Transition - Parts One & Two
Author:Kurt Loba
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2007-02-01


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