U Can: Physics I For Dummies

U Can: Physics I For Dummies

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Take the fear out of Physics I If the thought of studying physics makes you sweat, you can finally have something to rest easy about! U Can: Physics I For Dummies takes the intimidation out of this tough subject, offering approachable lessons, examples, and practice opportunitiesa€”as well as access to additional practice problems online. With this one-stop resource, you'll find friendly and accessible instruction on everything you'll encounter in your Physics I course and will gain the practice and confidence you need to score high at exam time. Inside this comprehensive study resource, how-to lessons are thoughtfully blended with practical examples and problems to help you put your knowledge to practice and gauge your comprehension of the physics topics presented. Lessons and practice problems are fully integrated and track to a typical Physics I course, giving you one mega-resource that combines the 'how-to' you need with the 'do it' practice you want to keep the physics anxiety at bay. Get up to speed on the basic concepts of physics Grasp physics formulas in a clear and concise manner Explore the newest discoveries in the field Access additional practice problems online If you're looking for an all-inclusive product to help with your Physics I coursework, U Can: Physics I For Dummies has it alla€”and then some!See speed vacuum, 391 vaporization, latent heat of, 325 vector components displacement, 76a€“77 example questions and answers, 69 finding, 68a€“69 making mistakes with, 384 practice questions and answers, 69a€“70 reasons for working with, anbsp;...

Title:U Can: Physics I For Dummies
Author:Consumer Dummies
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-07-27


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