Tutor at Your Side for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi

Tutor at Your Side for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi

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The Tutor at Your Side manual addresses the user's needs at each stage of their development. The Startup section gives Camera Setup and Care. The next sections provide continuous guidance through 3 learning phases: 1. The Orientation section describes the control and menu features with illustrated locations and concise descriptions of function, settings, operation and references to detail descriptions. 2. The Operation section gives the user a choice of 4 complete and independent starting points: There are 2 Basic subsections, Quick and Detailed, for Point and Shoot operation and Creative subsections, Quick and Detailed, for the Complete Control mode of operation. Each Detailed subsection includes the corresponding Quick subsection to eliminate looking back. Each subsection is sequenced in Photo Session order: Displays, Session Prep/Field Setup, Photo Features (Shooting Mode, Composition, Focus, Drive, Exposure and Shutter), Evaluation, Correction and Session Finish. Each subsection includes reset reminders at the individual features and at the Session Finish. Custom Function setups are given just before the first possible use and usage reminders are given thereafter (Creative Detailed section only). The Effective Use section continues the user guidance beyond the mechanics and the Reference section covers Problems, Playback and Printing. The manual has laminated covers for durability and a coil binding so it will stay open.It may not show accurately on a TV screen and, depending on the printer, may not be printed to your specification. The trimming frame shape ... See the printer manual for details After resolving a problem, press AT to {Continue}. If it does not anbsp;...

Title:Tutor at Your Side for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Author:John D. Miller
Publisher:Advantage One, Inc. - 2007


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