TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options

TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options

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qIMAGINE A SOLID INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO WITHOUT BEING IN THE STOCK MARKET!q Since the Tech Stocks Crash of 2000, trillions of dollars of investor wealth disappeared from existence. Investors throughout the world saw their investment portfolios and retirement accounts crushed by their holdings of stocks and mutual funds. Simultaneously, investors of residential property continued to see their real estate portfolio appreciate and generate steady returns. Because of the financial devastation, investors have changed their investment priorities. Speculation and Volatility are Out. Safe and Steady Returns are In. If you watched your stock portfolio get crushed and want to invest differently, this book will show you ANOTHER WAY! Through the simple acquisition of small houses, safe and steady returns can be generated with the Lease-Options strategy. You will learn the qTurnKey Investingq philosophy of building, investing and managing your real estate portfolio with Lease-Options. qWHAT FINANCIAL ADVISORS WILL NEVER TELL YOU!q You will learn how to: * Use Lease-Options to simply and safely build your portfolio! * How to generate steady, spendable cash flow through Lease-Options! * Find the right real estate market to safely invest in! * Profitably manage properties without ongoing maintenance expenses! * Find the right Management Team to build and guard your portfolio! * Invest in the Lease-Options Strategy without owning property! TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options is an investment book like no other. It goes against what the traditional financial community sells and sure to upset the establishment. This book is only for independent-minded investors who want to take control of their investments ... not for the conventional qfollow the herdq speculators of Wall Street.General. Accounting. Software. Although property management software is quite good at managing the property aspects, it is not good for general business accounting and bookkeeping where financial statements and reporting are needed.

Title:TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options
Author:Matthew S. Chan
Publisher:Ascend Beyond Publishing - 2004-08


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