Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at a Crossroad

Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at a Crossroad

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America's culture is moving in a new and dangerous direction, as it becomes more accepting and tolerant of dishonesty and financial abuse. Tamar Frankel argues that this phenomenon is not new; in fact it has a specific traceable past. During the past thirty years temptations and opportunities to defraud have risen; legal, moral and theoretical barriers to abuse of trust have fallen. She goes on to suggest that fraud and the abuse of trust could have a widespread impact on American economy and prosperity, and argues that the way to counter this disturbing trend is to reverse the culture of business dishonesty. Finally, she presents the following thesis: If Americans have had enough of financial abuse, they can demand of their leaders, of themselves, and of each other more honesty and trust and less cynicism. Americans can reject the actions, attitudes, theories and assumptions that brought us the corporate scandals of the 1990s. Though American society can have qbad apples, q and its constituents hold differing opinions about the precise meaning of trust and truth, it can remain honest, as long as it aspires to honesty.New York State Insurance Department, a€œDepartment and Suffolk District Attorneya#39;s Office Announce Eighty-Five Indictments.a€ 32. ... online at the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: fif02.pdf. ... a€œRetailers Should Brace for Sharp Increase in Shoplifting Activity, Checkpoint-Commissioned Studies Say, a€ Business Wire, ... John Leland, a€œ Beyond File-Sharing: A Nation of Copiers, a€ New York Times, September 14, 2003 , available online at:anbsp;...

Title:Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at a Crossroad
Author:Tamar Frankel
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2005-10-14


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