Treatment of Choice

Treatment of Choice

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Dr. Lauren McFadden and her physical therapist husband Bryan leave their prestigious careers at St. Michael's Rehabilitation Center in Northampton, Massachusetts, after a final falling-out with the chief administrator. The couple seizes the opportunity, starting with their new home in Lenox, in the Berkshire Hills. They're ready to open the doors of the wheelchair accessible estate to homeless and profoundly disabled young people who need rehab. Bryan and Lauren soon discover, however, that it's going to take much more than physical and occupational therapy to repair the lives of Adam, Devon and Philip. The boys settle into their new surroundings, but then life tosses in another challenge-the college student hired to help around the house becomes the victim of a hate crime-is severely beaten-and is now a patient at the estate. Will the boys still accept Buddy when they find out he's gay? And when Noah is hired, can he move beyond his own scarred past and adjust to his new career as a therapist?He parked his Ford Taurus next to his wifea#39;s blue Dodge Viper. For several minutes, he stared at the sleek older-model sports car with ... He wished Lauren had been so easy to repair. There were scars physical and emotional. While some hadanbsp;...

Title:Treatment of Choice
Author:Mary King - 2014-07-21


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