Transient Signals on Transmission Lines

Transient Signals on Transmission Lines

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This lecture provides an introduction to transmission line effects in the time domain. Fundamentals including time of flight, impedance discontinuities, proper termination schemes, nonlinear and reactive loads, and crosstalk are considered. Required prerequisite knowledge is limited to conventional circuit theory. The material is intended to supplement standard textbooks for use with undergraduate students in electrical engineering or computer engineering. The contents should also be of value to practicing engineers with interests in signal integrity and high-speed digital design. Table of Contents: Introduction / Solution of the Transmission Line Equations / DC Signals on a Resistively Loaded Transmission Line / Termination Schemes / Equivalent Circuits, Cascaded Lines, and Fan-Outs / Initially-Charged Transmission Lines / Finite Duration Pulses on Transmission Lines / Transmission Lines with Reactive Terminations / Lines with Nonlinear Loads / Crosstalk on Weakly Coupled Transmission LinesAn Introduction to Non-ideal Effects and Signal Integrity Issues in Electrical Systems Andrew F. Peterson, Gregory David Durgin. 25 ... Introduce concepts of reflection coefficient, equivalent circuits for the line, and the reflection or bounce diagram. Consider a ... we will instead work with a time delay T, representing the one-way transit time of the line (if the velocity is vp and the line length is L, then T = L/vp).

Title:Transient Signals on Transmission Lines
Author:Andrew F. Peterson, Gregory David Durgin
Publisher:Morgan & Claypool Publishers - 2008-11-01


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