Towards the Pragmatic Core of English for European Communication

Towards the Pragmatic Core of English for European Communication

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English in Europe is not one but many, and substantial differences in the way people from different countries communicate using it may cause misunderstandings. This book shows that, through research into the pragmatic behaviour of non-native speakers of English from across Europe, it is possible to uncover the core-the shared strategies. This common pragmatic linguistic behaviour is proposed as the basis for a reference guide for those who wish to successfully communicate in English in Europe. The study reported on in this book is based on the analysis of the speech act of apologizing as realized by 466 respondents from 8 European countries, all proficient users of English involved in teacher-training programmes. The results Provide a basis for practical teaching and in-class research.The DCT employed in this study as originally developed by Blum-Kulka (1982) for the purpose of investigating similarities ... As explained by the CCSARP Coding Manual a€œapologies can be performed by any one of [five] strategies, or any ... 19a€“20) Taking on Responsibility Explanation or Account Offer of Repair Promise of Forbearance. 2. ... researchers seem to develop interest either in a comparative approach, with the analysis of native speaker 75 4.3 The Speech Act of Apologising.

Title:Towards the Pragmatic Core of English for European Communication
Author:Agata Klimczak-Pawlak
Publisher:Springer Science & Business - 2014-05-03


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