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Love can begin in the most unlikely of places, including a qmom and pop shopq wrestling league. John and Bret, two twenty-something athletes who separately endured abuse in their pasts, do what they knowA‘they beat up themselves and each otherA‘until one hero-seeking boy turns their lives around with the question, qWhy do you hurt each other?qJohn's heartache begins with a bad relationship when he's seventeen, and Bret, having had enough with dating in the Pacific Northwest, tries his luck here with this Mid-Atlantic league.Tender moments unfold for John and Bret. The rookies are also brought together by a ragtag team of oddball wrestlers who, lonely themselves, know what all boys know: deep down, we all just want to be held.the helpful guy asks as he starts his wellcrumpled, twelveyearold Honda Civic. a€œ Your bros ... from a guy who has decided hea#39;s had enough with highend college and, just like him, could use a job in the grocery store chain. ... John ignores the fact that the bright blood is the color of that red slingshot he wore in front of Greg.

Author:William Masswa
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2012-01-01


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