Top 8 Book 3: Unfriended

Top 8 Book 3: Unfriended

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Madison MacDonald is glad things are back to normal! Madison Ita€™s SUMMER at last -- let the good times a pool parties roll! Location: Putnam Beach. Putnam, CT. Madison My friends are all together again, and Nate and I are better than ever. Finally, everything in my life is working out. :) Location: Gofer Ice Cream. Putnam, CT Madison Even though Nate will be leaving for college in the fall. Location: New Canaan Drive-In. New Canaan, CT. Madison And therea€™s a piece of me thata€™s still waiting for the other shoe to drop from the prom heist. Location: Stubbs Coffee. Putnam, CT. Madison But everything is going to be fine! Right? Location: On A Blender Smoothie Shop. Putnam, CT. Madison Oh. Maybe I should take that back -- Location: Undisclosed THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DISABLED. Madison MacDonald thinks the other shoe just dropped.A small smile crept over Della#39;s facea€”a genuine smile this time, not the ones that he was trying to impress Peyton with. a€œWell, a€ he said, with a small shrug, a€œI have remote access to her laptop.a€ a€œDoes she ... know about ... They download it without realizing, and you get access to monitor their computer remotely in real time. You can also insert a flash ... a€œI think we may have a problem.a€ a€œYou were right, a€ Dellanbsp;...

Title:Top 8 Book 3: Unfriended
Author:Katie Finn
Publisher:Scholastic Inc. - 2011-07-01


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