Too Good To Be True? Nutrients Quiet The Unquiet Brain

Too Good To Be True? Nutrients Quiet The Unquiet Brain

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This medical detective story describes the author's four generation family odyssey that leads him to paths less traveled. He discusses multiple biological triggers and leading edge interventions such as nutrients for those suffering from bipolar disorder and other central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Exploring the role of environmental factors such as infections, foods, and additives he challenges conventional wisdom, arguing for a closer look at a variety of contributing influences. Examples include Lyme disease, viruses, gluten, casein, MSG, and aspartame. He examines assumptions and practices in the justice and mental health systems that impact those with CNS disorders. This book describes some totally different ways - for patients, parents, teachers, therapists, police, prison guards, nurses, doctors and judges - to understand and respond to these crippling disorders.More than 70% of bipolar patients in one study were free of symptoms on a nutritional supplement alone without any medications. A simple two minute drugless qmania-busterq lasted for 24 hours. A psychotic patient was cured with antibiotics for Lyme disease. Too good to be true?... and Nourishment.aquot; The title of this essay is intended to raise the question whether some criminals are suffering subtle forms ... nutritional stores through five pregnancies, I suspect that her brain was depleted of resources. I cana#39;t think of aanbsp;...

Title:Too Good To Be True? Nutrients Quiet The Unquiet Brain
Author:David Moyer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-04


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