Tobacco Use by Native North Americans

Tobacco Use by Native North Americans

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Recently identified as a killer, tobacco has been the focus of health warnings, lawsuits, and political controversy. Yet many Native Americans continue to view tobacco-when used properly-as a life-affirming and sacramental substance that plays a significant role in Native creation myths and religious ceremonies. This definitive work presents the origins, history, and contemporary use (and misuse) of tobacco by Native Americans. It describes wild and domesticated tobacco species and how their cultivation and use may have led to the domestication of corn, potatoes, beans, and other food plants. It also analyzes many North American Indian practices and beliefs, including the concept that Tobacco is so powerful and sacred that the spirits themselves are addicted to it. The book presents medical data revealing the increasing rates of commercial tobacco use by Native youth and the rising rates of death among Native American elders from lung cancer, heart disease, and other tobacco-related illnesses. Finally, this volume argues for the preservation of traditional tobacco use in a limited, sacramental manner while criticizing the use of commercial tobacco. Contributors are: Mary J. Adair, Karen R. Adams, Carol B. Brandt, Linda Scott Cummings, Glenna Dean, Patricia Diaz-Romo, Jannifer W. Gish, Julia E. Hammett, Robert F. Hill, Richard G. Holloway, Christina M. Pego, Samuel Salinas Alvarez, Lawrence A Shorty, Glenn W. Solomon, Mollie Toll, Suzanne E. Victoria, Alexander von Garnet, Jonathan M. Samet, and Gail E. Wagner.Tobacco carrots were passed from one tribe to another as far south as the Cheyenne. In the mid-18oos the Hudsona#39;s Bay Company tried to save money by switching to lower-grade U.S. tobacco, but the Indians considered it unacceptable, so the company ... The Eastern Woodlands The heart of Indian tobacco-growing country in North America was and is in the eastern ... and Seminole in Florida, tobacco was planted and is still smoked and revered by dozens of tribal groups (table 5).

Title:Tobacco Use by Native North Americans
Author:Joseph C. Winter
Publisher:University of Oklahoma Press - 2000


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