To conquer a peace

To conquer a peace

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Not merely a catalog of names, dates, and statistics of the war between the United States and Mexico, this book instead focuses on the conflict as seen by ten principal characters who participated in it. Using letters, journals, and memoirs as well as other historical documents, John Edward Weems reveals the views of men as disparate as the young Lieutenant Sam Grant, President James K. Polk, Captain Robert E. Lee, and Mexican political and military leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Weems blends the words of men in action with historical events, bringing to life once again a tragic, unpopular war that changed forever the destinies of two neighboring countries. Book jacket.... Mrs. James, 38-39 Magoffin, James, 192, 203 Manga de Clavo (estate), 12, 14, 15, 361 Manual of the History of Philosophy (trans. ... 205-6, 207, 441; outbreak of violence (May 6), 114; peace operations (1847-48), 343-450; resentment over (U.S.), 345-53; results of, ... 86 Lobos Island, 324, 325-26 Lombardini, Manuel, 303, 304 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 88 Los Angeles, 81, 182, 261-63, 266, 455anbsp;...

Title:To conquer a peace
Author:John Edward Weems
Publisher:TAMU Press - 1974


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