Tired of Being Tired

Tired of Being Tired

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A breakthrough individualised programme for maximising health, vitality, and wellbeing by a leading anti-ageing doctor. Loss of energy, weight gain, and decreases in health and vitality are not inevitable facts of life. Dr Jesse Hanley's 'Ten Simple Solutions' make it easy to rejuvenate a tired system, showing you how to get life back on the right track and: * Sleep better by restructuring eating habits * Improve mood through a nutrition and natural supplement program * Achieve a balanced weight by eating more * Increase energy without resorting to stimulants * Stop accelerated aging * Restore immunity * Prevent illness, and ... LIVE A HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER LIFE.Rescue Repair Rejuvenate Dr Jesse Hanley, Nancy Deville. balanced diet of whole foods, 70a€“72 balancing your blood sugar, 69a€“70 blood sugar roller coaster, 62a€“63 for burnout stages, 97a€“99 buying/using fats and oils, 91a€“92 andanbsp;...

Title:Tired of Being Tired
Author:Dr Jesse Hanley, Nancy Deville
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2004-01-12


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