Three Weeks Before Doomsday

Three Weeks Before Doomsday

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Jet Packs. Rail Guns. Tentacles. Lizard Monsters. What's this world coming to? Doomsday, that's what. This collection of short stories is the perfect jumping-off point into the world of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, where the keepers of Nikola Tesla's secret legacy clash with ancient creatures and new threats on a daily basis. Find out what happens when: A mad scientist runs afoul of a drug cartel's paid gunmen A grad student battles tentacles and sleep deprivation A biker gang acquires an electromagnetic pulse bomb All this and more takes place in Where were they before the antimatter hit the fan?Ia#39;ve never written a college application essay before, but that shouldna#39;t be surprising because Ia#39;m only a sophomore and even the most annoying preps in my entire school dona#39;t start their applications until junior year. But my cousin said he knows someone at the Mechanical Science Institute and that I should apply, so here I am. Ia#39;m going to begin by ignoring all your official questions on the applicationsanbsp;...

Title:Three Weeks Before Doomsday
Author:Sechin Tower
Publisher:Siege Tower Entertainment, LLC - 1914-06-15


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