Thou Art My Son. Book One. Call To Arms.

Thou Art My Son. Book One. Call To Arms.

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This is the revealing of the Seventh Angel that is commanded by Jesus Christ in Heaven for your reading if you expect to survive the entrapment created by Satan to destroy your freedom of the Christian Church. I must read for the survival and salvation of the Church. Satan wants you kidnapped and murdered by invasion! The time is short and you only have months before the great unveiling of Christ. This is the prophecy book of the Seventh Angel revealing the mystery of God from the time of Elijah in Malachi 4: 5-6 as the Angel Sent of Rev. 22: 16; to be the Christ Peter answering questions: Where's Jesus? Why is Satan calling himself Jesus? Why the False Prophet lied about Jesus return? Why not a murderer Saul as the Liar Paul? Who is Mystery Babylon? England really the Nation of Edom as killers of Ancient Israel: now extinct? Who is the Mystery of the Seven Stars John is to write about? Every symbol in the Book of Revelation is a question to be answered. The picture becomes clear as you read as the symbols come alive and the terror is realized you are the generation living the prophecy! There is no escape; only the truth can set you free; and the challenge will not go away from facing you in the climactic battle of the Great Day of God Almighty! The Times have been set in the stars and moon and sun; the Time is short for your preparations as the Christ Peter revealed announces in the last days before the great stage of the world reveals Satan and Christ Peter in the conflict of the ancients from Heaven now to battle upon the Earth. This is information no preacher dares to speak about because it is the shame of evil to be identified for their evil. A must reading for all people who have any chance to survive the awesome destruction that is about to come upon all mankind as a third of the earth in population will die the death in the conflict. What is the time of the birth of Christ? When will Christ announce? When shall the World War start? What was the Time, Times and Half Time? Is there an invasion of America? Who is the enemy of the church? How will Satan attack the United States? Is there any chance for survival or will no flesh be saved alive for the Elects sake? Feel the terror?It was then that I hit the palm tree squarely with my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and became a casualty with my fifth head on ... Mark had survived the Beirut 1983 barracks bombing in Lebanon while in the Marine service: killing 240 plus Marines.

Title:Thou Art My Son. Book One. Call To Arms.
Author:Gregory Alan McKown
Publisher:Gregory Alan McKown -


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