This Nation under Attack

This Nation under Attack

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The extreme right wing (Tea Party) votes not to approve both the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling increase eventually causing the federal government to shutdown. This gives a wealthy expatriated American the idea that this is the process to use to bring the US government down. Failure to approve the debt ceiling increase would cause a catastrophic effect not only in the United States but throughout the free world because the United States would default on its debt. This would definitely bring the US economy down and destroy the country. A corrupt Congressman is bribed with a few thousand dollars by the wealthy expatriated American to keep the US Congress from approving a continuing resolution (CR) and the debt ceiling increase. But the Congressman was talking too much and the expatriated American sends a terrorist to shut him up by assassinating him. He does not need the Congressman; other members of Congress are doing what he wants done. Rookie FBI agent Chad Winters recognizes the assassin as a former Guantanamo detainee he had interviewed while he was in the Army and finds out the shooter is the link to the expatriated American. The goal of the expatriated American in conjunction with the al-Qaida leadership was to bring the United States down based on their Muslim propaganda beliefs that the United States is to blame for all of their nations problems. No more flying planes into buildings. They will instead use the US Congress to do their job. Will they succeed? The events become extremely challenging for the retired Army Colonel Winters more than the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq or the clandestine operation into Pakistan in solving the crime and bringing the expatriated American financier hiding in Yemen to face justice in the United States.Agent Winters was relaxing as he reviewed the log of calls made off DelaTorria#39;s cell phone. Thata#39;s when he noticed DelaTorri had received two calls from area code 415 which he knew was from the Oakland California area. Somehow the FBIanbsp;...

Title:This Nation under Attack
Author:Alex Salaiz
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-09-09


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