Things That Make No Sense

Things That Make No Sense

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Things That Make No Sense deals with everyday occurrences experienced by everyone as they go about their daily lives. Some things just dona€™t make any sense at all! Many of the stories included here deal with common events such as unresponsive or poor customer service, which is becoming all too frequent these days. Some of these instances can probably be characterized as funny, some as unbelievable, and others as simply irrational. Sometimes the only appropriate reaction to one of these annoying events is disgust. Things That Make No Sense is an entertaining and amusing collection of sixty of the most ridiculous of these actions and decisions that author Kenneth W. Meeks has observed. No doubt everyone has had experiences similar to those recounted herea€”or even more unbelievable than the ones included in the book. Prepare to be sympathetically irked, incredibly entertained, and ridiculously amused!the Jaguar dealer there and explained to the salesman the type of used XJS in which I was interested. The Savannah dealer was the closest one to where I lived in Charleston. I am very picky about my cars, so, naturally, I wanted a usedanbsp;...

Title:Things That Make No Sense
Author:Kenneth W. Meeks
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-08-31


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