Things Don't Just Happen

Things Don't Just Happen

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Do things happen by chance? Or do things happen for a reason? Google the latter question and you will find 27, 500, 000 results! If you have ever questioned the events of your life, one glance at the blogs or postings from this query will indicate that people of all backgrounds and motivations have an inner desire to know the truth. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the events in life that are intentional and those that are merely chance. Each chapter in this book tells a different real-life story of coincidence and relates it to the design of God and His message to us in the Bible. Regardless of your age or state in life, this refreshing view of life offers relief and encouragement to those who want more assurance than simply the luck of the draw. The author, Robby Stephens, was inspired to create this book after years of believing that life was just a roll of the dice; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.I have limited mechanical skills, and if I were reading your car manual, I wouldna#39;t be much help. But I can ... Bad fuel in your car over time causes the fuel injectors to clog, and your engine will lose much of its capable ... They receive a strong dose of injector cleaner, a€œbecause our gospel came to you not simply with words anbsp;...

Title:Things Don't Just Happen
Author:Robby Stephens
Publisher:Robby Stephens - 2009-03-01


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