These Bones Shall Rise Again

These Bones Shall Rise Again

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David N. Keightleya€™s seminal essays on the origins of Chinese society are brought together in one volume. These Bones Shall Rise Again brings together in one volume many of David N. Keightleya€™s seminal essays on the origins of early Chinese civilization. Written over a period of three decades and accessible to the non-specialist, these essays provide a wealth of information and insights on the Shang dynasty, traditionally dated 1766a€“1122 or 1056 BCE. Of all the eras of Chinese history, the Shang has been a particularly elusive one, long considered more myth than reality. A historian with a keen appreciation for anthropology and archaeology, Keightley has given us many descriptions of Shang life. Best known for his analysis of oracle bones, he has looked beyond the bones themselves and expanded his historical vision to ponder the lives of those who used them. What did the Shang diviner think he was doing? The temerity to ask such questions and the insights they have provided have been provocative and, at times, controversial. Equally intriguing have been Keightleya€™s assertions that many of the distinctive features of Chinese civilization were already in evidence during the Shang, 3000 years ago. In this collection, readers will find not only an essential reference but also the best kind of thought-provoking scholarship.Chinese ancestors, like Chinese heroes, were valued for the good order of what they did, as in the a€œPan Geng, a€ not for the ... Such an essay would begin by defining the hero differently, presumably offering various types: the hero as inventor ofanbsp;...

Title:These Bones Shall Rise Again
Author:David N. Keightley
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2014-08-13


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