There Were Giants Upon the Earth

There Were Giants Upon the Earth

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The crowning work of the best-selling Earth Chronicles series a€c Reveals the existence of physical evidence of alien presence on Earth in the distant past a€c Identifies and describes the demigods, such as Gilgamesh, descended from these visitors a€c Outlines the tests of this physical evidence of alien presence that could unlock the secrets of health, longevity, life, and death In whose genetic image were we made? From his first book The 12th Planet on, Zecharia Sitchin has asserted that the Biblea€™s Elohim who said a€œLet us fashion The Adam in our image and after our likenessa€ were the gods of Sumer and Babylon--the Anunnaki who had come to Earth from their planet Nibiru. The Adam, he wrote, was genetically engineered by adding Anunnaki genes to those of an existing hominid, some 300, 000 years ago. Then, according to the Bible, intermarriage took place: a€œThere were giants upon the Eartha€ who took Adama€™s female offspring as wives, giving birth to a€œheroes of renown.a€ With meticulous detail, Sitchin shows that these were the demigods of Sumerian and Babylonian lore, such as the famed Mesopotamian king Gilgamesh as well as the hero of the Deluge, the Babylonian Utnapishtim. Are we then, all of us, descendants of demigods? In this crowning oeuvre, Zecharia Sitchin proceeds step-by-step through a mass of ancient writings and artifacts, leading the reader to the stunning Royal Tombs of Ur. He reveals a DNA source that could prove the biblical and Sumerian tales true, providing conclusive physical evidence for past alien presence on Earth and an unprecedented scientific opportunity to track down the a€œMissing Linka€ in humankinda€™s evolution, unlocking the secrets of longevity and even the ultimate mystery of life and death.Are we then, all of us, descended of demigods? In this breathtaking book, Zecharia Sitchin asserts that there exists, today, physical evidence that could prove those biblical and Sumerian tales.

Title:There Were Giants Upon the Earth
Author:Zecharia Sitchin
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2010-05-05


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