There Is No Black Or White

There Is No Black Or White

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THERE IS NO BLACK OR WHITE is the story of an older marine that was brought back to be part of a unique group in the Marine Corps called 6th CAG. A CAG unit is a Civil Affairs Group that is designed to help rebuild, rather than destroy countries. 6th CAG was a group of 190 marines, all volunteers, designed to ease the over burdened CAG units that existed at the time that were being called to go into battle six months, come home for six months only to be sent out again. 6th CAG was a unit that was going to be set up only to be dismantled after its tour. This story tells of some of the unusual missions that a CAG unit has to deal with. It involves actual accounts of stories that never make the news.I signaled Hamadto go towardstheJCCbuildingso thatwe could get readyfor the repair, just yardsaway.Hamad ... He reminded meofa dogthat was simply not getting into the bathtub. There was a ... Whenthe interpreter arrived, Hamad immediately told him that he didnot need all these armed Marines and would a€œgo fix hole.

Title:There Is No Black Or White
Author:Eric F. Legge
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-05-24


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