Theory and Truth

Theory and Truth

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Lawrence Sklar examines three kinds of philosophical scepticism about truth in science, and reveals the important role that they play within foundational science itself, especially physics. Theory and Truth shows that one cannot understand the methods of science except by understanding philosophy, and one cannot fruitfully pursue philosophy of science without understanding foundational science as well.of matter, what would that tell us about what our cognitive attitude toward the theory of, say, plate tectonics ought to be? Very little, I think. But how could that be? Doesna#39;t the theory of plate tectonics deal with moving masses of the eartha#39;s crust? ... The answer seems clear. ... we claim to believe it, what we are really asserting, and what our cognitive attitude of belief is really directed toward as its content, anbsp;...

Title:Theory and Truth
Author:Lawrence Sklar
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2002


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