Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials

Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials

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Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials offers an in-depth look at the theoretical background and basic properties of electromagnetic artificial materials, often called metamaterials. A volume in the Metamaterials Handbook, this book provides a comprehensive guide to working with metamaterials using topics presented in a concise review format along with numerous references. With contributions from leading researchers, this text covers all areas where artificial materials have been developed. Each chapter in the text features a concluding summary as well as various cross references to address a wide range of disciplines in a single volume.L. Hunt, The oldest metallurgical handbook, Gold Bull, 9(1), 24a€“32, January 1976 . ... S. A. Maier and H. A. Atwater, Plasmonics: Localization and guiding of electromagnetic energy in metal/dielectric structures, J. Appl. Phys., 98(1), 0.11101/1a€“10, 2005. W. H. Weber and G. W. Ford, Propagation of optical excitations by dipolar interactions in metal nanoparticle chains, ... T. Jensen, M. Malinsky, C. Haynes, and R. Van Duyne, Nanosphere lithography: Tunable localized surface plasmonanbsp;...

Title:Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials
Author:Filippo Capolino
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-10-05


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