Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling

Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling

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With complex systems and complex requirements being a challenge that designers must face to reach quality results, multi-formalism modeling offers tools and methods that allow modelers to exploit the benefits of different techniques in a general framework intended to address these challenges. Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling boldly explores the importance of this topic by gathering experiences, theories, applications, and solutions from diverse perspectives of those involved with multi-formalism modeling. Professionals, researchers, academics, and students in this field will be able to critically evaluate the latest developments and future directions of multi-formalism research.GRIF allows the user to choose the best modeling formalism among block diagrams, fault trees, Markov graphs or Petri nets. ... stochastic Petrinets with predicates and assertions (to describe both the dysfunctional parts of an installation such as component failures and the working parts). The provided engine consists of a simulation component based on a high-speed Monte Carlo simulation engine.

Title:Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling
Author:Gribaudo, Marco
Publisher:IGI Global - 2013-10-31


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