Theories of explanation

Theories of explanation

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Since the publication of Carl Hempel and Paul Oppenheim's ground-breaking work qStudies in the Logic of Explanation, q the theory of explanation has remained a major topic in the philosophy of science. This valuable collection provides readers with the opportunity to study some of the classic essays on the theory of explanation along with the best examples of the most recent work being done on the topic. In addition to the original Hempel and Oppenheim paper, the volume includes Scriven's critical reaction to it, Wilfrid Sellars's discussion of the problem of theoretical txplanation, and pieces by Salmon, Railton, van Fraassen, Friedman, Kitcher, and Achinstein in which they demonstrate the vitality of the subject by extending the scope of the discussion.I believe that the account of explanation offered in the present paper could be extended to cover explanatory answers to some other kinds of ... of explanations directed at why-questions and in part because the problem of characterizing explanatory answers to ... power of such theories as modern evolutionary theory, transmission genetics, plate tectonics, and sociobiology in the terms I develop here. 7.

Title:Theories of explanation
Author:Joseph C. Pitt
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1988


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