Theios Sophistes

Theios Sophistes

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In this collection of interpretative essays on Flavius Philostratusa (TM) qVita Apollonii, q leading scholars and younger critics make for a combination of methodological continuity and innovation. The wide range of approaches does justice to the texta (TM)s high level of literary, historical and philosophical-religious sophistication.QUOTATION OF EARLIER TEXTS IN IcI‘ I•Ip IcIŸI IcIyI‘II•I‘ I‘InIŸI›I›IcII™IŸI Ewen Bowie This paper has modest ... as far as I know, been much investigated:2 this essay is therefore a sample of how such investigations might be conducted.

Title:Theios Sophistes
Author:Kristoffel Demoen, Danny Praet
Publisher:BRILL - 2009-01


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