Theft of the American Dream

Theft of the American Dream

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According to author J. F. Swartz, we are all victims of a crime. Bankers and politicians have already stolen our standard of living, even though we may not realize it yet. They are destroying the purchasing power of our dollars by the unprecedented creation of money by the Federal Reserve. Central banks the world over are printing more money than ever before, making the situation even worse. Theft of the American Dream leads us through the maze of deception in an easy-to-read, irreverent, yet insightful style, while explaining the structural flaws in the US financial system and how these flaws could soon destroy unwitting middle class Americans. Swartz provides practical steps to take to defend ourselves against the monetary and fiscal actions taken by our leaders. He also exposes the truth about who really benefits from the outrageous money printing and other experiments enacted by the Federal Reserve, as well as what the profligate money creation can do to the prices of the things citizens need most. As distressing and depressing as the truth is regarding the ongoing, systemic failure of the US dollara€”and with it the US financial systema€”there is certainly a way out for those who prepare correctly. Theft of the American Dream presents financial defenses and investment strategies that offer the best hope for protecting our purchasing power in the period directly This is a great site for free charting. In the center top of the home page, youa#39;ll see 3 buttons for a€œbasic charta€, a€œadvanced charta€ and a€œ interactive charta€. For strictly technical analysis, you should use the a€œadvanceda€anbsp;...

Title:Theft of the American Dream
Author:J. F. Swartz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-10-30


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