The Year of God's Promise

The Year of God's Promise

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The promise was made to her on January 1st, New Year's Day. qLinda, you will be given a husband this year but you are not to look for him - I will send you a husband.q This is the story of Linda, who as a young girl was noted for being qrebelliousq and for going her own way, even when going her own way sometimes resulted in anguish and torment as a result of her own misguided choices. It is also the story of her journey from the depths of emotional degradation to a life that was transformed one fateful night, when she, at the point of suicide, was instead directed into a new life of hope and miracles. It is also the story of Jim, a young man who kept the rules and found that the rules were sometimes jealous and demanding. A romance with a young woman he had known since they were teenagers opened up the possibility that he might buck the religious system but it didn't happen. His role as caregiver to his parents in their last years led him into a sort of laissez-faire existence where he became resigned to just letting events, as they occurred, take him through life. As Jim moved into his thirties, there were two things he was certain about - his commitment to the rigid rules and tenets of the religious system he had known since birth, and his resolve to remain a bachelor, having been constantly frustrated through the years in his search for a wife. The promise that was made to Linda on New Year's Day set into motion a series of events that would challenge both Linda and Jim throughout the following year, and would, ultimately, define the lives of both of them.There were teachera#39;s manuals and lesson plans but Cursillo was tough. Especially me giving talks about leadership.aquot; Before the waiter returned I mentioned to her that I had been told that the T-bone steak was the specialty of the house.

Title:The Year of God's Promise
Author:Jim Hayden
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-10-01


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