The Year 2000

The Year 2000

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In both Japan and the United States, migration, refugee, and citizenship policies have become highly contentious political issues. Japan, traditionally a closed society with the lowest proportion of foreigners of any major industrial country, has struggled to utilize the recent influx of illegal migrants without incorporating them into Japanese society and citizenship. The United States, a country built by immigrants, today grapples with the impact of legal and illegal migrants on employment and social services. Myron Weiner and Tadashi Hanami have assembled a distinguished group of American and Japanese demographers, economists, historians, lawyers, political scientists, and sociologists to examine Japan's and America's very different approaches to employer demands for labor, control over illegal migration, the incorporation of migrants, the legal rights and social benefits of foreign residents and illegal migrants, the claims of refugees and asylum seekers, and the issues of citizenship and nationality. Temporary Workers or Future Citizens places the economic issues of migration in a cultural context, by revealing how the collective identities of Americans and Japanese shape the way each society regards immigrants and refugees.... year of 01 with 97, 01 is less than 97, so the item will be discarded incorrectly years before its true expiration date. ... Credit card expirations, insurance policies, and forecasting systems have already been affected, since they use future ... If the year is only two digits long, the system cannot tell that the current year is 2000 and not 1900. ... is certainly uncollectible, the system will write it off as a bad debt.

Title:The Year 2000
Author:Charles B. Strozier, Michael Flynn
Publisher:NYU Press - 1997-08-01


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