The World of the American Revolution

The World of the American Revolution

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This two-volume set brings to life the daily thoughts and routines of men and womena€”rich and poor, of various cultures, religions, races, and beliefsa€”during a time of great political, social, economic, and legal turmoil. a€c Provides summaries of what people ate, wore, and read and also includes topics such as apprenticeships, camp life and military training a€c Covers ordinary routines of daily life, such as cleanliness, use of privies, and menstruation a€c Starts each thematic section with a brief introduction a€c Includes primary documents that bring the past to life and are an important resource for students a€c Offers further reading suggestions after each entry as well as a bibliography of print books, online sources, and relevant filmsFemales cross-dressing as males seem to have been more common in Revolutionary America, particularly in the military. ... at least 17 months at the end of the Revolutionary War, before her discovery during a medical treatment for illness.

Title:The World of the American Revolution
Author:Merril D. Smith Ph.D.
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2015-08-31


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