The World After Cheap Oil

The World After Cheap Oil

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Substantial evidence suggests that we are currently living at the peak of oil production with few prospects for cheap oil ever returning. Yet the media, politicians and regular people have hardly started to talk about what this means. Oil literally runs our societies from transportation to food production to economic activity. Without oil, everything stops. There are powerful arguments that if we fail to increase oil production, we will also fail to grow our economy as a whole. For oil importing western nations the news is bleak; higher oil prices seem to put a glass ceiling on their economic growth, making current debt problems worse no matter what monetary and economic policies we might choose. The World After Cheap Oil offers a thorough package of information about oil; its uses and its role in our societya€™s important sectors. It presents the most prominent substitutes and alternatives, and their limits and promises. It also delves deep into the many risks, problems and mechanisms that can make the world after cheap oil a much more unstable place for nations and humanity as a whole. The book also explains why there has been so little public debate on the subject, and what the future might look like after oil production starts its final, terminal decline.This will be good news for car repair and maintenance shops, but bad news for auto manufacturers and dealers. Retrofitting a gasoline engine with ethanol or natural gas conversion kits may grow in popularity where these fuel options areanbsp;...

Title:The World After Cheap Oil
Author:Rauli Partanen, Harri Paloheimo, Heikki Waris
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-10-24


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