The Word Whiz's Guide to the New York State Middle School Vocabulary

The Word Whiz's Guide to the New York State Middle School Vocabulary

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Some kids collect baseball cards. I collect words. Hi! I'm the Word Whiz. I'm in middle school, just like you, and I'm going to turn you into a Word Whiz -- just like me! I'm going to introduce you to more than 600 words middle school students need to know for New York State tests, in class, and when doing homework. Important words for important subjects, such as: English Language Arts: qparaphrase, alliteration, genre, metaphor, symbolismq Math: qconvert, probability, hypotenuse, median, variableq Social Studies: qpartisan, inalienable, imperialism, ratify, consequencesq Science: qbuoyant, neutron, friction, oxidation, synthesisq I've also included words commonly used in questions on New York State tests, including qapproximate, equivalent, q and qopinion.q My WhizWord lists have kid-friendly definitions and sample sentences, plus synonyms, antonyms, related words and meanings, and examples of how the words are used on the New York State tests. I've also included all this extra cool stuff: * WhizTips: helpful hints on how to learn words and ace tests. * WhizQuizzes: mini-quizzes to help cement the words in your brain. * WhizFacts: general good stuff to know about these words. And that's not all! I also made up some really fun practice exercises. They will help you nail down these vocabulary words by relating them to things we're interested in, like TV, movies, sports, and music. The words in this book will come in handy for the rest of your life. So let's get started!There is a soft Southern dialect, the twangy Texas dialect a€” and of course our famous abrasive Noo Yawk dialect! Authors use dialect in stories ... My mom often evaluates the food she is buying at the grocery store by looking at the ingredients to see how much fat is in it. She hates fat. explicit ... If you are asked to write an expository essay, your teacher wants you to explain or describe a subject in detail.

Title:The Word Whiz's Guide to the New York State Middle School Vocabulary
Author:Chris Kensler
Publisher:Kaplan - 2001


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