The Women's Guide to Successful Investing

The Women's Guide to Successful Investing

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Are you an Investor or Saver? Women control over half of the nation's personal wealth, own businesses that grow at one and a half times the national average anda€”when they don't excuse themselves from participatinga€”outperform men in the realm of investing. Why, then, do the vast majority of women consistently claim they lack the confidence and/or expertise to make financial decisions? The Women's Guide to Successful Investing tackles this outmoded problem by handing women the tools they need to make savvy investment decisions and watch their money grow. Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a wealth advisor, CEO, mother, and wife, Tengler delivers advice about building a rational, reliable investment portfolio. Investing, she writes, is not gambling. And it's not rocket science. In fact, the value-based approaches employed by the most successful investors will resonate with women who manage their own finances and households. Filled with fascinating case studies and engaging, personal stories of financial management, Tengler entertains as she educates. As a part of her eleven clear-cut qintelligent investing rulesq, Tengler tells women how to reap financial rewards by identifying sound companies that have been overlooked by other investors. In The Women's Guide to Successful Investing, Tengler has provided a sort of investing de-coder ringa€”a straight-forward guide to buying stocks for the long-term. Tengler has written a book for any woman who wants to gain the skills and know-how for financial independence. Studies have consistently demonstrated women's keen aptitude in the realm of investing. All that's missing is a simple, accessible roadmap for forging your path. The Women's Guide to Successful Investing is just that.floating on the Cloud with Oracle, Information technology Sector, Software Industry Oracle (stock ticker: ORCL) is a software company in transition. But this is not the first time the company has regrouped and repositioned itself. This latest anbsp;...

Title:The Women's Guide to Successful Investing
Author:Nancy Tengler
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2014-08-19


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