The Winger's Guide to Linux

The Winger's Guide to Linux

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You are probably a coder, a web developer, a computer science student, or just a geek! Youa€™ve worked with Windows or Mac for a while, but now ita€™s time to broaden your knowledge and learn about Linux / Unix / *nix. Perhaps you want to build your own Linux web server for the first time? Perhaps you just bought a Raspberry Pi and want to know how to use Linux on it? Perhaps you have a modern Macbook and want to understand what is going on in the Terminal? Linux can be an intimidating subject to learn from scratch. When youa€™ve read this guide you will have the fundamental knowledge needed to run a Linux system and youa€™ll be able to appreciate the power of the Unix command line. What youa€™ll learn Unix admin: users, groups, the filesystem, how permissions work Command line kung fu and the Unix tools you need to know How to install software and control running processes Configuring networking and basic security Top tips on how to solve common problemsThe pipe, a€œ|a€ (vertical bar), is used to connect them together to send the output of one tool to another. e.g. List photos (ls), filter ... Use the manual pages to get help on how to use each command and the options available. e.g. man alt;commandagt;anbsp;...

Title:The Winger's Guide to Linux
Author:Martin Charlesworth
Publisher:Wingers Guide -


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